RECREATION LIVE - Never provided title, registration or plates for boat we bought

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We bought a boat from Recreation Live the first of January 2011 and still have not received any plates, registration, or title. However, they certainly took our money right then!

We have gone back and forth MANY times trying to get the papers finalized; we called at least 10 - 15 times, stopped at the store 5 – 10 times, emailed and text them many more times trying to get the numbers they said they needed.

We brought the boat back twice to get the serial number and once to get our money back. Each time was the "LAST" thing they needed!! We took it back to get our money back when we were AGAIN promised to have everything in 2 weeks and they never called…. So we figured we needed to take it back - we were told AGAIN – they JUST need to process the title and again They "PROMISED" we would have "EVERYTHING" in one month.

We went back this week after giving them an extra 5 days to be told AGAIN they "JUST" received the papers and the guy we talked to before "JUST" left and things will be done tomorrow…..

We have run out of TOMORROWS or rather they have. We are following up with the Fish and Game, Motor Vehicle and Better Business Bureau.

Don't do business with them!

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We paid EVERYTHING they requested. And now it had been almost 13 monthes! And we still have not received our papers!


"US" People paid EVERYTHING that was required in January 2011! The "people" who work there are the ones who LIE and have not done thei jobs or were out to simply steal our money. As is shown on this web site and several others, there are many people who have not got what they paid for as well as others who were not paid for there items.


"US" People paid EVERYTHING that was required in January 2011! The "people" who work there are the ones who LIE and have not done thei jobs or were out to simply steal our money. As is shown on this web site and several others, there are many people who have not got what they paid for as well as others who were not paid for there items.


These people have failed to pay their tax title and lic. As soon as they pay the ttl they can have their plates. SIMPLE AS THAT.

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RECREATION LIVE - Sold my camper and did not pay me for it.

San Antonio, Texas 1 comment

they sold my property and refuse to pay me.When I inquired about what they sold it for, the response was"it's none of your business".

Really? I was asking a certain price, they got a real good price I am sure, then tried to lowball me on my part. Now they are giving me the run around about my money and I have not been paid.

The property has been sold for over 6 weeks and I can't understand what the problem is.This place is by far the shadiest group of people I have ever dealt with in my life.

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Powdersville, South Carolina, United States #327094

I would like to hear about your story if you would email me at

WE purhased a motor home from them and suspect that the odometer was tampered with.

RECREATION LIVE - Sold boat behind our back when we were in process of buying it

Austin, Texas 6 comments
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We had gone to RECREATION LIVE a recreational vehicle seller.We arrived looked at the boat and test drove it.

We filled out paperwork which was chaotic because Tiffany Klinefelter the "financing officer" at this place of business. First she was upset that she had to stay to help with paperwork when she wanted to leave. She couldn't give me clear answers when filling out paperwork. She mentioned nothing about a payment to hold the boat.

She was just very unknowledgeable or unwilling to help. We then waited several days to hear from her or financing and called her several times and left messages she never returned messages except for one to tell me that I called her husband instead of her. I then finally called her husband "Mike" only for him to tell me that they sold the boat. He was rude, when I asked them why when they knew we were interested in the boat and trying to go thru financing.

He hung up on me. Good business practice there.

The owners of this company Tiffany Klinefelter and her husband are rude, are sneaky, and are very unprofessional.I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with their dishonesty and deceit in the future.

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Bought a boat 11 months ago never recieved my title or registration.The boat is useless to me without those items.

recreation live has done nothing but avoid me and my lawyer.POOR Business to deal with.


These guys are crooks.The sold me an RV and a warranty but never sent the wrranty money to easycare.

When I had a problem Easycare informed me thy never received anything from these crooks. Again they blamed Tom the fin. manager and Tom sent an email claiming Easycare never cashed their check so he would refund me. Of course that never happened either.

I wrote the Attorney General, The BBB and now the Texas License commission is investigating but still I'm out almost $2000.00.



First of all please get your facts right.You have numerous lies in your comment.

I'm not going to play games with a business that is as dishonest and as rude as yours. Please stop making excuses for your lack of honesty and your lack of business sense. If you had focused on doing your job and doing it right instead of being mad because your husband wouldn't let you leave to go shopping I believe that is what the issue was and instead had to help customers navigate their way with buying a boat, also if I remember right you couldn't even answer some of the simplest questions and were very vague that should've been my first warning. It's funny that we have a boat now with "our credit issues" as you put it and went through a reputable, honest and truly friendly business.

The fact is that maybe you should get into another business maybe you could be a personal shopper for someone or maybe you and your husband need to get training in how to deal with people in a friendly honest manner.Learn to spell right too maybe some classes in spelling would be wise too.


I am starting to have my doubts about the integrity of Recreation Live LLC.I bought a boat from them in July, and I still haven't received my trailer plates after receving temp tags twice.

The first excuse was a poor employee, and I haven't heard a second excuse since I can't get a hold of them....two emails and many phone calls.

Is this company still in business?I could understand if they are not.


First of all , all individuals should be qualified before trying to purchase a boat or any other item.It is not the dealers fault if an individudal can not be financed or qualified by a lending institution.

The dealership and all involved tried at all avenues to qualify them and there multi party group that tried to purchase the boat. If the lenders are unwilling to finance them then it's not the dealers fault or the finance manager. Credit issues are the personal individuals problem. We did all we could do to put them in a boat.

Sorry it did not work out for them...maybe a no credit check is the best cenario for individuals that are irritated because their credit would not withstand a recreational vehicle. Not once was any individual run out of the dealership due to time or availabilty. We held the inventory item for a week..not only that but their own financial institution wouldn't lend them a dollar to purchase this item. Do not attack the dealer for your personal credit issues.

We are willing to help all that is interested in our inventory.But if your credit will not with hold that, it is not the dealers problem!!!!!


And you should research the criminal records on these 2 "Business Owners". Fly by night crooks!

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